Executive and Therapeutic Coaching 
with Dr Liza Messing 

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You may want to work with me if:

  • You feel that you have lost your spark.
  • You are struggling with work/life balance. 
  • You are concerned you may be heading for burnout.
  • You find yourself preoccupied with one or two relationship dynamics. 
  • You support others at work but find it hard to support and back yourself.
  • You struggle to manage your disappointments and to feel proud of yourself. 
  • You find it hard to take the risks you would like to, in order to move forward.
  • You wonder whether you will be able to build a working life where it is possible to thrive? 
  • You have had enough of it being like this! 


I believe that our working lives should provide us with experiences of connection, growth and meaning.  Working life today however can often be extremely challenging.  Our professional experiences often offer us the best and the worst of group dynamics. Many organisations, both public and private sector, are currently operating from a position of overwhelm and scarcity, whilst constantly wanting to do more and be better.  This can create systems that are unable to wholeheartedly face the reality of what is possible for their staff.  In these circumstances our own patterns and trauma adaptations will be repeatedly activated, which creates significant inner pressure.  


Working for oneself, whether as a business owner or in a private practise offers scope for huge freedom, possibility and creativity. It also however provides a large canvas for us to enact our internal conflicts and this can suffocate joy and creativity and lead us to burnout.  Women are susceptible to particular forms of pressures that can limit our ability to protect ourselves and to make decisions in keeping with our own interests. 


Self-knowledge in these circumstances is vital as I have learnt that we cannot change what we cannot see. Coaching informed by Cognitive Analytic Therapy serves as a fantastic bridge to this work because:


  •  It allows us to map out these impacts for you as an individual with depth and clarity.  
  •  It creates a structure for you to see what you have internalised that you no longer wish  to carry.
  •  It offers you the space to reflect on what is, from the inside out, so that you can start to consider what you truly wish for...





"My experience of CAT informed coaching with Liza has been nothing short of transformational....With Liza's input I have made exciting, positive changes for my career whilst also getting closer to the elusive work-life balance. "


Dr S, Consultant Clinical Psychologist 

The Intensive Coaching Offer 

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I provide an 8-session structured and intensive bespoke intervention using the principles of Cognitive Analytic Therapy, to provide you with a documented ‘map’ of your unique repeating patterns that form your personal stumbling blocks.


This map will offer a lasting and profound new perspective on yourself that will have influence and impact beyond your working life. 


For some women, ‘seeing the invisible’ creates enough support to step into new ways of being, for others, I offer ongoing support to use these new understandings to build a flourishing relationship with your working life.


If I work with you, what will be different? 


These sessions will enable you to see how you have internalised familial and societal expectations that now impact on how you show up for yourself at work. You will develop a new and deep compassion for yourself and understand yourself with significant depth. This will provide knowledge that will support you both at work and across all areas of your life.  You will be freed up to give yourself the support you need to flourish and thrive and will start to find your own new ways forward that feel natural and authentically yours.


What is the structure? 


We meet for 6 fortnightly sessions followed by 2 follow up sessions a month apart.  Each session lasts an hour.  We agree on 3-4 focus areas of repeating difficulty in your working life that you wish to improve.  I use a mixture of questionnaires and focussed questions to formulate an understanding of the origins of these difficult areas.  On the 5th session I present you with the ‘map’ I have made to shed light on these patterns. The final three sessions are 'open' time for reflection and to digest what you have learnt about yourself, as well as to think through ways of managing this differently.  Sessions are generally held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 am – 5pm UK time. 


Some women then choose to continue have follow up sessions with me to build on this work together, others choose to build on these new insights themselves.  

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The Reflective Coaching Offer

Reflective coaching offers space to bring whatever feels pressing in the moment that will be supportive for you professionally.  This could for example relate to a decision you need to make, a difficult relationship you are experiencing professionally, or a client that has particularly impacted on you.  I enable you to think through the issue, to unpack the tensions within it, and support you to move forward in a way that feels manageable but also supports your development.  We will sustain a dual focus on the present and also the internal dynamics that are revealed.  I would recommend a minimum of three sessions to undertake this work.  


You may want to book this as short term focussed support for a particular issue or longer term regular support for your general professional development and well being. 

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